Pigliavento Builders is a family owned construction company primarily focused on all types of residential contracting.

Over the years, Pigliavento Builders has  built over 1,000 homes consisting of apartments, condominiums, single-family homes, and townhouses. In addition to new construction, remodeling projects have also been a significant part of tour business. Pigliavento Builders has put together a team of talented craftsmen who have developed long relationships with each other, which is important to maintain consistent quality. Pigliavento Builders also specializes in working with customers who have their own plans and want to build on their own lot.  They will work together with you to plan your dream home.

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Because Pigliavento Builders is a family owned business, over the years we've used the phrase "Our Family to yours".

Additional family members who play important roles in the company include Vanessa DiGesare, and Alisha Houle. Vanessa has worked for the company since 2000, she is the selections coordinator. Alisha is one of our real estate agents. She also grew up in the business, working in the field. Her husband Nick Houle is an electrician who now works for us alongside Mike Pigliavento. But no business is complete without a strong office staff. Pigliavento Builders is fortunate to have the services of Renee Jablonski-Agoney who's been their bookkeeper and Mike's administrative assistant since 2000. In addition to Renee, Susan Redmond has been the receptionist since 2008. She also assists Ed, coordinating customer service and supports the Real Estate staff. Pigliavento Builders also has an affiliate Real Estate company named Alani Realty Group which is co-owned and managed by Maria Martin. Maria has represented the builder since 2001.

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Edward Pigliavento, Sr. was a union mason for most of his life.

He grew up in construction since his father was also a contractor. Ed passed away in 1995. He was a highly skilled mason, but was also skilled in many other trades. Edward Jr, like his father, joined the Mason Union. Ed is also talented in many different trades. It was Ed, Junior's dream to be in business for himself, so he became the driving force that began our business. Once Ed decided to go into business, his father and younger brother Michael decided to join him in the venture. Ed Jr. came across the Brookview Court Apartment project and took the opportunity to launch his business. Once Ed was able to secure the project, he contacted his cousin, Mark Pigliavento. For the first couple of years, Mark did their design work on the side and then came on board full time in 1985.

The company was founded by Edward Pigliavento, Sr. and two of his sons, Edward, Jr. and Michael.

They incorporated in 1983 as "Brookview Court Incorporated", named after the company's first project called "Brookview Court Apartments" in Rotterdam, NY. The original intent of the company was to construct, own and operate the 82-unit apartment complex. The company continued on, building mostly rental properties for various investors before transitioning into building condominium projects in 1987. Eventually, single family developments started to become a significant part of the business, and their marketing firm was begging Mike & Ed to change the company name so that people would know who they were.